Chace and Greg’s Wedding – Houston, Texas

Recently we had the pleasure of capturing two fabulous weddings in one weekend! The first was on a Friday night in Houston. This was actually our first wedding there and we were so excited to get to shoot at new spots. Chace + Greg found us through the fabulous Style Me Pretty blog and truly her wedding belongs on their blogroll! Her wedding was uniquely stylish and super classy. Here are some of the shots that tell the love story of their special day! Congrats guys! ❤ The Q’s


Ceremony:  St. Martha Catholic Church
Reception:  Ouisie’s Table
Wedding Dress:  Jim Hjelm Couture
Shoes:  Vera Wang Lavender
Entertainment:  DJ Dave Productions

Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_001 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_002 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_003 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_004 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_005 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_007 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_009 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_012 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_013 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_014 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_015 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_016 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_017 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_018 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_019 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_020 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_021 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_022 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_023 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_024 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_025 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_026 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_027 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_028 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_029 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_030 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_031 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_032 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_033 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_034 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_035 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_037 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_038 Houston-Wedding-Ben-Q-CNG_039

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