Bows + Arrows – Floral Design Studio


Alicia is the bows

Adam is the arrows

The hip Dallas floral design studio

We recently sat down with Alicia Rico of Bows + Arrows for an interview and photo shoot for our new vendor spotlight feature. Bows + Arrows is located inside The Bell Jar (a community of wedding and event pros) and has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, D Weddings and Paper City Mag to name just a few. We are excited to share some of the thoughtful answers Alicia gave us about her industry!

Q:  What is your favorite aspect of the floral industry?

A:  I love seeing everything come together! We sit down with brides and help them decide their color, style, decor and a lot of times we even design and come up with new concepts for them. So seeing everything come together in their location with their colors is my favorite part.

Q:  What is the best advice for brides who don’t even know where to start when choosing flowers?

A:  I think Pinterest is a great place! A lot of brides have told me that they learn a lot about themselves and discover their style on that site. Pinterest has so many visuals and you can see what you are attracted to, what images grab your attention and pin them on a pinboard. Those images often come together and make up what your style is and what you want for your big day.

Q:  What’s your favorite wedding trend?

A:  I actually like certain color palettes especially those that aren’t used very often. Peach and salmon are big right now and pairing those with navy is gorgeous. Also, unexpected color palettes that brides come up with on their own are very interesting.

Q:  Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A:  I draw inspiration from art museums, galleries, music, nature, interior design, fashion, everywhere!

Q:  What is the most unique request you’ve gotten?

A:  We are lucky enough to get a lot of unique brides. We did a fountain installation at The Crescent where we covered the entire fountain with flowers. I love to do those kinds of installations. We even did a floral chandelier before.  All my weddings are kind of unique.

Q:  What’s the biggest advantage to working with your spouse from a bride’s perspective?

A:  We read each other’s minds, we work so well together but also we complement each other really well. I am super girly and feminine and he brings that masculine, organic touch to things.

Q:  What are you most known for among brides?

A:  I like to consider us as the hip florist. We are really in tune with what is going on the world artistically and stay on top of the game with new ideas. We like to create our own vessels and create floral sculptures. Not just your typical arrangement but a true work of art.

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