Colby Logan – Astounding Sounds DJ & Lighting

Astounding Sounds DJ & Lighting

Multi-talented Event & Entertainment Directors

Colby Logan is a master when it comes to entertainment. His company, Astounding Sounds DJ & Lighting, provides many forms of entertainment services including: Disc Jockeys, Master of Ceremonies, Live Music, Elegant Decor Lighting and Event Flow and Production. Colby is a fellow studio-mate at The Bell Jar and what we respect about him the most is his passion and professionalism. Whenever we chat with him about entertaining or lighting he blows our minds with his knowledge. (Dude really knows his stuff!) Check out some invaluable info that can make your wedding day a hit!

Q: How long have you been entertaining?

A: My first grade teacher used to pull me from playtime during recess and have me sing for the teachers sitting in the shade while she played the guitar. School plays, church choir, piano lessons, school band…I’ve always had music and performance in my life.

What is your favorite aspect about being involved in weddings?

A: Being a full-time wedding entertainer is a lot of fun and has culminated into a very fulfilling career. Every week I play a big role in creating life-long memories for a couple and their family at the biggest celebration that most families will ever host. I party with hundreds of new faces every week…all of them smiling back at me and pumping their fists. Enough said.

Q: What is your energy like at a reception?

A: While I consider myself to be laid-back guy, I LOVE to dance. So it’s a rare occasion that I’m not dancing behind the DJ booth along with my guests. I’ve always been a big fan of live bands and the energy that they can bring to a party, so I try create a similar “enormity” to my events by executing a well-produced and well-rehearsed show between the wedding party intros to intelligent lighting and the overall atmosphere that we create in the room. In short…HIGH-ENERGY!

Q: How do you motivate a crowd that’s not dancing?

A: Line dances and classic slow songs tend to work the best in getting them on the floor. I always want to make the assumption that I have a room full of mature and established adults that already know how to socialize and party. If they want to dance then they will dance…they don’t need me ridiculing them on the mic if they are simply not in the mood. However, I have learned to tell the difference between a crowd that is not in the mood and a crowd that needs a motivating invitation. With the latter crowd, I can always get them on the floor in less than a minute with a solid invitation on the mic and a good song selection.

Q: Are there any other musical talents you have that you use at weddings?

A: I spent 2001 through 2006 with a guitar strapped on my shoulders. After releasing 2 independent albums as a singer-songwriter while touring around the state non-stop (and then getting married and starting a family)…I fell into this amazing career that allows me to combine all of my talents and still have a quality family life. I often play and sing at my events if it fits the vision and desires of my clients. I love what I do as a DJ and MC for sure, but there is no denying that the texture of live music is a very special thing.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of equipment?

A: Outside of my Technics and Sennheiser wireless mics (which always sound amazing), my favorite piece of equipment is one that no one ever sees. My haze machine. Not fog, but haze. I usually keep a hazer running continuously underneath my DJ booth which fills the air with a dramatic weight when combined with a good lighting setup (which we usually have at 90% of our events). The guests don’t even know it’s there…they just sense that something seems more theatrical and striking. Have you ever wondered why every big concert you attend looks so amazing on stage? Sure, it’s the lights, but without haze you don’t have a light show. Haze takes our lighting setups and productions to an entirely new level.

Q: What’s the “IT” song for 2012 so far?

A: “The Wobble” has been holding strong since 2011…but for 2012 it’s hard to deny that Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe” is a big-time crowd pleaser this year. Ask me this question again in a few months and I’m sure it will change.

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