Stacy C. Uzuh – Stace Face Make-Up Bar

Stace Face Make-Up Bar


Stacy Uzuh, owner of Stace Face Make-Up Bar, knows a thing or two about beauty. Her background as a former model and fashion designer gives her an artistic approach to the art of makeup. In Stacy’s words “Your face is an empty canvas; all it needs is a couple of strokes!!” Stacy is also part of a group of creative individuals who host The Connector Effect, s bi-monthly lifestyle, health, beauty and fashion private networking event. Check out some Q & A’s with Stacy below. Some fabulous tips for your wedding day or everyday makeup!

Q: What is your unique take on wedding day makeup?

A: My take on wedding day makeup is that every bride is unique! All blushing brides want to be the center of attention and it’s my job to portray that by making their makeup look absolutely flawless.  Doing exactly what the bride requested plus doing your own twist to it will surely make her day memorable!

Q: How do you keep up with the latest trends in weddings?

A: I keep up with the latest trends through blogs, magazines, social media, youtube and of course educational classes! I travel a lot for work so while I’m there, I try to look at other make-up artists who are big in the industry and see what their own take is as far as weddings and wedding day make-up.

Q: Do you ever get clients who are a bit shy about makeup and how do you put them at ease?

A: Shy!!! YES!! Setting these ladies, who wear little or no makeup, at ease is very simple. I like to ask what the client is looking for or would like to look like or even what they would like to learn to do. This way the client feels more in control of the transformation and I am able to make that change effortlessly and enhance their natural beauty!

Q: Brides have makeup on for a long period of time and they always have to look amazing for pictures. Are there any tips you have for long-lasting coverage?

  • Use a long wear or 12 hour wear formula foundation or Face Primer under makeup.
  • Apply a shadow primer on your lids to prevent longer lasting shadow and to prevent eye shadow from creasing. Or try cream shadows (most come with a built in primer to prevent the creasing)
  • Use waterproof mascara,so that when you start tearing up…it won’t run.
  • Fill in your lips with a liner before applying lipstick. This will give your lipstick a good base to help the color last. (Try powder foundation on the lips prior to applying lipstick for longer wear. Or even primer!)
  • If you have dry skin – make sure you wear plenty of oil free moisturizer.

Q: What does the future hold for Stace Face Makeup?

A: I will love to take my brand internationally…I recently traveled overseas to do wedding day make-up for cilients and absolutely enjoyed it!! I get asked a lot of questions about make-up so incorporating make-up classes would be a treat to some of my clients!! Last but not least…my ultimate dream is to have my own make-up line.

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